Free Enterprise ! (?) !

Let’s see how best to start this post. It is, in a way, intended to (partially)  answer the question when my next book is being published. Well, my friends, life happens ………….. If you followed my posts on this site, you know that we have a small ranch in northern California and besides our variety of animals and pets, we also have two studio apartments.  They are clean, carpeted, one room units with a studio kitchen and a bathroom. Not much to write home about.  In order to offer a small convenience to our tenants, we also provide a washer in a separate room. That was a mistake, a major one as it turned out. To put it as simple as possible: One of our tenants, an otherwise nice lady, must have read something about unlimited opportunities in the free enterprise system.  She opened up a laundry service for her […] Read more »

A word of clarification

I feel that I need to clarify a few points based upon some of the reviews I have received. It could be that I was not clear enough in my books or perhaps, some readers simply missed them. One of my readers commented that he did not know about the KLV ( children evacuation)  camps.  I cannot say for certain why he never heard about them, but I do want to remind my readers that  I am writing about my personal experiences in Berlin and in that respect, I have firsthand knowledge of the camps.  There is also a great deal of information about them on the internet as well. Berlin, as well as Dresden, Hamburg  and a few other cities were the major target of the allied air attacks. In some of the cities, like Berlin, these air attacks lasted over two years. Dresden experienced a fire storm which […] Read more »

A Loaded Question

Yesterday I received the following comment from a valued reader: “I am also a Vietnam veteran and just finished all three of your books, and loved them. Personally I would make them mandatory reading for all 14 year old boys today if I could. I think you have a lot that could be taught to them. Thank You Nat” Here is my answer of today, you can also read it in the comments below my post : “Sitting on a football” Hello Nat, It is nice to hear from another Vietnam veteran and I am honored that you like my books. Yes, sometimes I think that I should send the book “Loyal to a degree” to a school administrator and ask him if he would be interested to give me an hour to talk to their history class. It would be interesting for the children as I am one of […] Read more »

Prequel : “Children to a degree” released

Well, I finished writing my third book. It was released by my virtual assistant Christina Haas of Zenith Business Solutions on November 20th and the paperback edition should be out by next week. Shortly after Thanksgiving. Chris did also the formatting and for the third time also did  the cover art = book cover, and I can’t thank her enough for all her diligent work and her constant support. As I mentioned on this site before, I wrote this third book in response to the many questions I received from my readers regarding the “early years”  of Karl. So while it is actually my third book it is also a prequel. While I trust that I answered all of the pertinent questions, I realize that “Children to a degree” will probably trigger additional questions and I cannot emphasize enough that I am available to answer or discuss any comments you […] Read more »

Sitting on a football

A few days ago as I was working on the prequel I tried to think of the funnier (funnier = is this a word?) memories of 1943. Nothing came to my mind because there was not much fun. However, I did remember something from 1947, but it does not fit into the time frame of my books.. At that time a sister of my father lived in the USA and she sent us a “care” package to Germany . It was filled with all the goodies: flour, sugar, chocolate, Crisco, soap, and a shirt for my father. And then, my, brother who was 10 years old at that time, pulled a strange item from the package.  It was made from brown leather and kind of oblong, oval , if you will. It looked like a ball but it was not round. It had a small paper note taped on the […] Read more »

Garden work vs yard work

This is not intended to be a major lesson, but I like to keep in touch with my readers and not much happened in the last two weeks. My cover art designer and VA , Chris Haas,  told me in an email that my book ‘Trust to a degree’  is now available on Amazon in the paper back edition. She also mentioned that she is battling some wasps ‘Yellow Jackets” . This prompted me to ask her if she knew (what the English people consider )  the difference between garden work and yard work? Here is her answer: Hmmm, not sure what the English think the difference between yard work and garden work is but maybe yard work has nothing to do with working on your lawn at home.  Or if it does, then maybe yard work is work while garden work is pleasure.  Then again, yard work could be […] Read more »

A short update on the prequel

As of to day, September 22, 2013, I finished 7 chapters. We are still not sure about the title because the title should indicate what the book is about. Not that easy to do when you consider that  the book will not only follow “Karl” from 1940 to the end of 1944, it will also describe the educational methods. The schools in Berlin had to double up and triple up the number of students per class. Female teachers (some of them wearing lipstick)  (and you have no idea what that meant in 1942 ) were introduced in all boys schools. Shortage of teachers and facilities caused the introduction of a morning shift and an afternoon shift. To even it out the classes rotated every week. The mandatory Junkvolk  demanded two afternoon sessions each week. Some parents embraced it, others not. The list goes on and on and I am trying to […] Read more »

Release of “Trust to a Degree”

Chris Haas just emailed me that she is done with the formatting, and all the other details which precede the publishing with kindle. She was ready to do it today, but I was dragging my heels. I mean would you publish your book on Friday the 13th.? See?? So we decided on tomorrow, Saturday, September the 14th. Better, much better in my humble opinion. In the meantime I started to write the prequel and almost finished the third chapter today. That’s for now. Let me know how you liked “Trust to a Degree,” please.     Read more »

Comments and a different perspective.

First of all, please let me express my thanks for all your comments. Frankly, I am a bit overwhelmed. The last two weeks were filled with writing and re-writing the final chapters of the second book, which kind of prevented me from paying attention to my website. I know that this is not a very good excuse because I should answer your comments in a timely manner. I will do better. In order to answer your comments and questions in the most productive way, I  thought that it might be best to write this post. However, if I missed something, please let me know. It might take me a day or a week to get back to you, but, I will answer. Promise. Now let’s start with Penny, who asked if some of the events were not true, since the book states that it is “Fiction based upon true events.” […] Read more »

Paperback edition

During the last few days we had two (2) major events. 1)  Christina Haas, of Zenithbusinesssolutions, my promoter for the book , completed a stage of her public relation program and released the kindle version for two (2)  free days. Today, the second day of the free days, by 10:21 am Pacific time, we experienced a total of 5037 downloads and we have still 1/2 day to go. Yesterday, we were also  Nr. 1 in downloads in the Historical Fiction category and also Nr. 1 in downloads  in the World War Two category from Amazon. As an unknown writer, I am more than impressed with the above numbers which are all due to Chris’s effort. If you ever need a virtual assistant, promoter or website builder, do yourself a favor and look her up. I have never met a more dedicated person to work with.  Have I mentioned that her […] Read more »